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Fitness Specialist Certificate of Completion

The Fitness Specialist Certificate of Completion prepares the student for entry-level employment as a personal fitness trainer. The student will possess the skills to work as a trainer in a private health club, corporate and commercial fitness facilities, or in his or her own business.

The program combines in-class learning with practical, hands-on experience in the field. Students will take academic classes along with a nationally recognized personal trainer certification to prepare them for the workplace. Cooperative experience combined with 15 hours of hands-on training give the student the experience and confidence to work with the general population and successfully interview for positions in the field.

Graduates are able to:

  • assess a client’s level of fitness using recommended guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine
  • design and customize exercise programs for individuals based on their current fitness level, future needs and fitness goals
  • demonstrate and teach proper execution of aerobic, resistance (including several types of weight training systems), and flexibility exercises
  • practice personal fitness training professionally